Website Packages

Not every business is the same and there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all website. Whatever type of website you're looking for, we have options to suit your needs. We're experts at working within the budgets of small business owners and nonprofits to make sure that you're getting the most for the budget you've got available.

Premium Package

Starts at $7,000.
3-4 months

This is a fully customized site built just for you from scratch. We'll work closely with you to determine exactly what you need, find the ways to best spotlight your brand, and design and build features that suit you and your organization to a T.

Preferred Package

Starts at $3,500
4-6 weeks

Here, we start by choosing a premium theme as a jump start and then add on some nifty customizations to make it your very own. This is a great way to get a feature-rich, unique site within a budget.

Starter Package

Starts at $750
1-2 weeks

If you're just getting started and have a limited budget for a website, this is a great option to get you up and running quickly. We'll help you choose a premium theme that will meet your needs and help you get your content organized and displayed on the site.

All website packages include:

Basic security measures

To decrease the chances of hackers getting access to your site, we put some basic security measures in place to make your site more secure.

Basic SEO

We set up your site using the proper structure and code to help search engines find and understand the content that's available on your site.


Your website should be an investment and the best way to know if that investment is paying off is by keeping track of key metrics that indicate whether your site is helping you meet your goals or not.


We love to put the power to add, remove, and update content on your site in your hands, so you'll get up to 2 hours in training to show you how to do just that.

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Website Maintenance

Dealing with updates, hackers, backups, and content updates can be too many things on your plate - especially when you've already got a small business or a nonprofit to run! We can take that off your plate so you have time to focus on the important things and rest assured that your site is safe, secure, and ready to do business. Get more information about our website maintenance packages.

Other Services

In addition to our basic packages, we offer other services as well. Please contact us to discuss your project.

  • Custom WordPress Theme Design
  • Website redesign
  • User Experience

  • PSD to HTML
  • PSD to WordPress theme
  • Website consulting

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