Workshop: Responsive Design 102: Making sites responsive

Responsive design is awesome, but for practical reasons, we can’t always afford to re-build a website from scratch when we decide it’s time for a site to be responsive. In this workshop, we’ll take a look at techniques for taking existing fixed-width sites and making them responsive.

This workshop will provide a basic understanding of responsive design, from concept to code, and give you the tools and resources for taking an existing site and making it a responsive one. We’ll cover media queries, design tools and best practices, and we’ll have some hands-on coding time for getting practice making it all work.

What is Responsive Design?

Web traffic from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets has surpassed traffic from laptop and desktop computers. That means most web users these days are accessing websites on the go from a variety of devices. Responsive Design is the art of coding one single website so it looks and works great no matter what device someone might be using to view it. It’s a hot and in-demand skill right now, so you’ll want to be sure to grab a seat for yourself in this workshop!