Practice Project: Building a Website as a Team

Do you want to learn to put together a website starting from a design? Have you taken an HTML/CSS class or dabbled with HTML and CSS on your own? It’s time to apply your skills by building a webpage from start to finish!

The best way to practice and build your HTML and CSS skills is by jumping in and just doing it from soup to nuts in a supportive environment where you can ask questions and get direction from your team members and TAs. Join us in a group setting and learn how to slice a design – i.e. create a site from a design file we will provide.┬áThe main purpose of this workshop is to provide you with assisted work time focused around a common, simulated but realistic project to reinforce and build your skills. You will learn the process of breaking down a mockup, the best practices in getting started, and you will gain experience constructing the main elements of a web page. Experienced TAs will be there to get you started and help you out along every step of the way.