GDI UX Study Group

Join other GDI students who are studying user experience (UX). All levels are welcome, so whether you’re just getting started with your first UX class or whether you’ve got the basics down and are moving into intermediate or advanced territory, you’re welcome to attend! Beginners are especially encouraged to attend and participate in study groups – it will really help you to grasp new concepts and push your skills to the next level.

GDI Study Groups are relaxed and informal, and are intended as a way for our community to work and play together while providing each other with ongoing support and feedback. Hang out with like-minded students for an evening. This is not a hackathon or an advanced meetup – this is a relaxed place forĀ all of our studentsĀ to spend time studying together. We’re very friendly and would love to have you join us!

Whether you’re looking to keep practicing what you learned in your last class or are in the midst of a project, our community is here to help! As a group, we’ll hold each other accountable for completing our projects and lessons, and provide ongoing support to one another as we learn and grow as user experience professionals.