Build & Deploy Your Own Website!

Over the past six months, we’ve covered a bit of HTML and CSS, some design concepts, and even a bit of JavaScript. Now it’s time to piece it all together! In the final workshop of our Front End Series, we will build and deploy a live portfolio/”About Me” website together!

This class will meet for two 5-hour sessions. Both sessions are covered in the $90 class fee, as well as a special exclusive offer for your personalized domain and web hosting, via SiteGround!

Class 1: December 9th, 11AM to 4PM

We will recap some of the concepts needed to build a simple website, and provide a template to help you get started. Our teacher will be there to lead the way, and our friendly team of TAs will be available to help you too!

Class 2: December 10th, 11AM to 4PM

By the end of Day 2, you will walk away with a live website that you can continue improving upon! Be sure to put this one on your resume and show off what you can do!