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I'm Natalie MacLees, founder and principal of Purple Pen Productions. I originally got the idea for founding Purple Pen Productions while I was working at a large web development agency in 2008. We had about 50 employees total and our minimum project was $50,000. I knew that a $50K budget was simply out of reach for most small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

I set to work on envisioning a new kind of agency - one with experienced, professional designers and developers, but with affordable overhead to keep prices reasonable. Rather than full time staff coming to an office every day, we hire independent freelancers who work from home.

Purple Pen Productions has been in business since 2009, and with many successful projects under our belts, we've developed processes that let us cater to each client's individual needs, delivering beautiful and effective websites for many different types of small businesses and nonprofit organizations while working within their available budgets.

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Who We Are


Natalie MacLees
founder + principal

I've been building the internet since 1996. I'm the founder + principal of Purple Pen Productions and the author of jQuery for Designers, now in its second edition. I'm the founder of Website Weekend, a 48-hour hackathon matching web professionals with nonprofits in need of websites. I was lead organizer of WordCamp Los Angeles in 2013 and 2014 and on the organizing team for 2015. I was one of the founders of the Los Angeles chapter of Girl Develop It, a nonprofit organization that provides affordable and accessible training in web and software development for women. And I'm also a partner in N2, the software company behind Draw AttentionSimply Schedule AppointmentsBetter Business Hours, and Simple Event Listing. I blog at Geek Girl Life.


Bethany MacLees
office assistant

Bethany makes her home in North Carolina and has a background in IT, but has recently transitioned into an administrative role. She is new to the WordPress community, but is currently learning! Bethany’s goals include improving her administrative skills and possibly learning to code! Bethany has been working with Purple Pen Productions since September 2016.

Frequent Collaborators

WordPress Plugins

Natalie collaborates with Nathan Tyler of Tyler Digital in their joint venture, N2 to create a variety of WordPress plugins. Creations so far:

Simple Event Listing took first place at WordCamp Orange County's Pluginpalooza in 2017 and Better Business Hours was awarded second place. Plugin Detective took first place at Pluginpalooza 2018.

Core Values

These are the core values that guide the way I run my business and the decisions I make.

A passion for craftsmanship

I believe in doing high-quality work that I'm proud of. I don't cut corners or write lazy code. I believe that small businesses and nonprofits are deserving of the best possible work I can produce, so I hold myself to the highest standards.

I take pride in producing custom, hand-crafted design and code for our clients and building out custom solutions designed to fit just right.


A commitment to community

I believe in giving back and that we're stronger together. I founded the Los Angeles chapter of Girl Develop It and acted as Chapter Leader for three years before stepping down to become a teacher. I also founded the first WordPress Meetup in the Los Angeles area and ran that group for 7 years. And I founded Website Weekend - a two-day hackathon that pairs web professional with nonprofits in need of websites.

Honesty and integrity

I believe in saying what you mean and meaning what you say. I believe in following through and doing the things you said you'd do. I believe in telling the truth even when it's difficult to say and difficult to hear. I believe in apologizing whenI've done wrong. And I believe in always doing my very best and never sacrificing on quality.


Social responsibility

In recognition of my privilege and luck, I believe in giving back. These are some of the organizations that I support with my money and/or my time:

Supporting small business

Of the 28 million small businesses in the US, 22 million of those are individually owned without employees. Small businesses form the backbone of our economy and our nation.

I'm proud to count myself in good company with those businesses and I do whatever I can to support my fellow small business owners.


Do Weekly Podcast

I'm super excited to be working on my newest project - the Do Weekly Podcast that I'm hosting along with Alex Vasquez. This is a weekly challenge for small business owners to help reduce stress, grow your business, and encourage you to quit putting important things like updating your website or ordering new business cards on the back burner. Join our community of small business owners working through our weekly challenges.